August 17-19, 2018
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Jul. 31, 2018

Prof.Ching-Nung Yang
National Dong Hwa University,Taiwan 

Research Area:

Cryptography, information security and coding theory. 

Research Experience:

Professor Ching‐Nung Yang obtained his Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering from National  Cheng  Kung  University.  His  B.S.  and  M.S.  degrees,  both  were  awarded  in  Department  of  Telecommunication  Engineering  from  National  Chiao  Tung  University.  Dr.  Yang  served  in  2 National  Dong  Hwa  University  since  1999.  His  current  title  is  Professor  in  Department  of  Computer Science and Information Engineering. He had been Visiting Professor  to University  of Missouri Kansas City, University of Milan, and University of Tokyo. He is currently a Fellow of  IET  (IEE) and an IEEE senior member. Professor Yang has done extensive researches on visual  cryptography and secret image sharing, and is the chief scientist in both areas. In fact, a very  important innovation  of visual cryptography,  the probabilistic visual cryptography, was  firstly  proposed  by  Professor  Yang.  His  areas  of  interest  include error  correcting  code, multimedia  security,  cryptography,  and  information  security.  He  has  authored  two  books  and  has  published over 200 (including more than 100 SCI‐indexed papers) professional research papers  in  the  areas  of  information  security  and  coding  theory.  In  the  meantime,  he  has  served/is  serving in international academic organizations. He serves as  technical  reviewers  for over 40  major  scientific  journals  in  the  areas  of  his  expertise,  and  serves  as  editorial  boards  and  editors  of  special  issues  for  some journals.  Also,  he  was  invited as  chairs,  keynote  speakers,  and members of program committees for various international conferences. He is the recipient  of the 2000, 2006, 2010, 2012, and 2014 Fine Advising Award in the Thesis of Master/PhD of  Science awarded by Institute of Information & Computer Machinery. 
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